The Spring Equinox


Equinox days have equal day length and equal night length (12 hours each). In the Northern Hemisphere on the Spring Equinox, the Sun rises exactly in the East travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the West. The Earth’s energies are now at a time of balance in both hemispheres’ which brings fertility on all levels. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, nature shows signs of activity as the power of the sun increases. This is also the beginning of the astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. Traditionally it is a time when seeds are planted, and fertility and new life celebrated. The Goddess of fertility and new beginnings, Oestre/Eostre, symbolises springtime, new growth, and rebirth.

At this time we can begin to reconnect with the Earth and create opportunities for positive changes in our life and in the world. Ideas and plans we have made have now had time to develop and can be shared with others. It is a time for personal growth and development. 

In today’s world it is important that we try to make time to connect with the Earth. The Earth needs to hear our voice and we are a voice for the Earth. Try to use Spring Equinox as a focus for your future plans for the year and this will help you to embrace the coming of the summer. Take this opportunity to embrace Eostre’s passion for new life and let our own lives take the new directions we have wanted for so long. 

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