The Multidimensional Human Being


What am I? Why am I here? Questions that each of us have probably asked ourselves sometime in our lives. What do we really know of the human condition? We are surrounded by the mystery of life but how much do we really understand. 

As a result of materialistic philosophy in science we might believe that to be human is to be nothing more than a third dimensional physical being. Science tells us that the universe was formed out of the “Big Bang” when matter must of been formed out of pure energy. The result is a universe that is a multi-layered dynamic entity comprised of energy (Creative Intelligence and Being) from which (or Whom) all manifestation in matter derives.

Matter represents the densification of energy and whatever the form it takes, it is still part of a universal matrix of energy. Our physical bodies are manifestation in matter, but we also have a soul and self consciousness. These are aspects of the self that extend beyond the body and physical plane. By default, human beings are multidimensional. We are a combination of body, soul and spirit with part of us that is self conscious (ego) that part of us that says I am - all co-existing in and out of the physical plane.

We are all too aware that the physical body ages and ultimately dies and with it the physical aspect of the self. The remaining aspects of our consciousness return to the spiritual (non physical) planes and live on and is therefore infinite. There was never a time when we did not exist and there will never be a time when we cease to exist.

A life in a physical body presents an opportunity to develop consciousness at a dense energetic level. Anyone in a physical body, is taking a journey of exploration through the challenge of experience,  the aim is to develop individual consciousness that also contributes to the collective consciousness of the universe. 

Whilst in a body we have freewill and the ability to account for our actions, blending the physical with the spiritual. Understanding we are multidimensional and part of a multi layered interconnected universe of energy / mind / consciousness can change our outlook on life. When we understand that everything is part of this great infinite whole (a universal mind) we are able to live a life living as oneness with all creation and with a spiritual world view. 

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