The Mineral Kingdom


You may think that the mineral kingdom is without life force, without energy and nothing more than inanimate matter. Our ancestors however saw things differently. They understood that the mineral kingdom gave life, nourished bodily form and provided a physical platform for the expression of the ‘goddess’ energy. 

Goddess energy is creative and it infused the mineral kingdom with energy the moment that the planet was formed. Ancient civilisations therefore valued minerals for their energetic properties rather than for any monetary value. They believed that the mineral kingdom was a carrier of wisdom and a transmitter of energy. 

The next time you notice a stone, rock or some other aspect of the mineral kingdom, know that it has witnessed many cycles of evolution, the coming and going off many forms of life and the rise and fall of many human civilisations.

Understand that our human destiny is closely linked to the mineral kingdom an we can use the energetic properties of minerals for healing ourselves and others, if we are prepared to work with the mineral kingdom at a deeper level.

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